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Stake Your Name

Keep your ENS name renewed.

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Start by depositing an asset of your choice and entering a name you want to keep safe

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Don't lose your ENS name

Missed a deadline, forgot to pay a bill. Losing your ENS name could be worse than that. Once somebody else has it there's no way to get it back!
StakeYourName™ automagically renews your ENS name and saves money while doing it.
You're free to withdraw your deposit at any time but remember the sage words of u/DeepFuckingValue - "What's an exit strategy?"

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Easy to use

Deposit some assets, enter your name and let the smart contract do the rest.
Maybe come back later to collect some profit even.

  • Save time.
    Why waste time checking your ENS name expiry when StakeYourName will do that for you.
  • Keep the name you love.
    Or even enter a loved ones name to keep it secure for them.
  • Go to the beach and have fun.
    Look, I don't pick the icons alright!

Funds are Safu

All your deposits are secured in your own Vault contract, you can check in any time to see everything is safu and sound. Our Smart contract isn't allowed to touch what you don't allow.

  • Your ENS name is your Identity.
    Keep your identity safe and secure.
  • Efficient renewals.
    By using bulk renewals we safe on transaction costs as well.
  • We save backups on external hard-drives.
    We don't save much, and don't back anything up.. EXCEPT YOUR FUNDS! Nice and safe on the blockchain

Our Pricing is simple

No commitments. No credit cards required. Start your forever trial today!


Deposit funds
Renew name
Lose your ENS name
Zero Email Support
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All the benefits of the Solo tier
Unlimited Hours in the day
Worry about your ENS name
Email Support Never
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Unlimited Deposits
Very Limited Support
Free Steak for your name
Email Unsupported
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Need Help? Reach us at

24/7 SnailMail Support

Our support manager is pretty cool. He's a 2 year old Springer spaniel called Louie and is very keen to get at all your support mail. Limitless energy and a keen set of teeth mean this pups not wasting any time shredding through the fine details of all the support mail we receive.

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